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17th June 2020

Mediterranean style for outdoors furniture

Mediterranean style for outdoors furniture

The Mediterranean style is a synonym of lightness and summer holidays. To furnish a garden in this mood is to evoke typical seaside atmospheres: the sun, flowers, light and the characteristic aroma of the sea.

The dominant colour is white, supported by a palette of natural tones: the luminous blue of water and the sky, the yellow tones of sand, and the vibrant green of Mediterranean vegetation. 

This relaxed atmosphere also guides the choice of furnishings, with clean, minimal shapes and special attention to colours and decorative detailing. Large terracotta vases, wicker baskets, lanterns, aromatics and succulents, citrous fruits and other characteristic plants round out the installation.

A large outdoors area may be divided into separate zones: sunbeds arranged around the pool (our Atlantico sunbed is available in all the colours of the sea), a convivial lunch area with pergola (our Alloro table is perfectly shaped for a seaside house), and the lounge area.

Our catalogue offers versatile furnishings to suit any space, however small or large. Our furniture collections with their Mediterranean colours are completely recyclable, are designed for four season use in all weathers, and are easy to organise and clean.