Quality Policy

The company Nardi S.p.A. aims to anticipate and fully meet market demands in compliance with the requirements and Quality Standards requested, also ensuring continuous improvement in the effectiveness of its Quality Management system.

Our Management believes that these goals are essential for Customer satisfaction and can only be achieved by constant monitoring (i.e. of specified parties, possible anticipation of needs and problem solving) of customers, and of the requirements of stakeholders involved in the Organisation.

Nardi S.p.A. manufactures and sells garden and community furniture made of thermoplastic materials and aluminium. For many years, Nardi has directed all its efforts and invested human and financial resources to continuously and consistently update its products and production processes in technological terms while optimising the product implementation process in order to fully meet production and quality requirements.

The Management has always considered it important to produce items that are well-designed, safe, functional and meet consumers’ needs.

To this end, it has identified the following main objectives:


- Context Analysis and Risk Management

Nardi considers aspects related to its organisational set-up, both internal and external, that have an influence on organisational processes. It identifies the needs and expectations of stakeholders by means of a risk-based approach and plans actions or objectives to address risks and opportunities. With regard to risk management, in the field of workers' health and safety Nardi undertakes: to ensure that its activities are carried out in compliance with safety regulations (Legislative Decree 81/08 et seq., Ministerial Decree 10/3/98, etc.) and to maintain an effective Organisational and Safety Management Model in accordance with the provisions of the Regione Veneto Guidelines and Ministerial Decree 13/2/2014.


- Customer/Consumer Satisfaction

Nardi considers Customer/Consumer satisfaction to be its main objective. The company therefore needs to make every effort in order to gain and maintain loyalty.


- Product Safety and Functionality

To maintain customer loyalty, it is crucial that products are safe and functional. Before a new model is placed on the market, it is therefore tested to establish its stability, safety and functionality. Furthermore, where deemed appropriate, tests are carried out by accredited laboratories.


- Quality of Raw Materials and Components

Various raw materials and components are used to make our products. When selecting these materials, the most appropriate products are identified to ensure their technical and aesthetic performance without neglecting respect for the environment. We therefore pay special attention when researching and selecting these raw materials and components.


- Involvement of Suppliers/Sub-suppliers

We believe that the involvement of Suppliers and Sub-suppliers is essential to achieving the aforesaid objectives. They need to be informed about the Quality Policy and the required quality standards.


- Staff Involvement and Participation

Nardi acknowledges that its staff are the main resource for achieving its quality objectives. All staff need to be aware of these objectives and are required to comply with and respect the procedures set out in the Quality Manual.


The Management intends to support all the activities already implemented in order to:

· maintain the industrial culture linked to the Company's image, ensuring the constant quality of its products;

· meet the demands of direct customers by complying with the requirements and procedures established during the contractual phase.

· adequately train employees who perform functions that are critical to quality and to the production process.

Convinced that the consistent quality of its products can be achieved by implementing all the activities described above, every year the Management sets quality objectives and/or actions to address risks and opportunities, considering aspects related to its organisational, internal and external framework. For each objective, a person responsible for achieving it is appointed.

The achievement of the pre-established objectives is checked during the system review.

This policy is circulated and available to all stakeholders who request it. It is reviewed at least once a year at the time of the Management Review.

· By training staff in the care they need to take to ensure their own safety and that of others.





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