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Sipario modulo

Sipario moduloSipario modulo
Sipario is a modular partition wall system for outdoor use made of regenerated plastic with a self-watering planter. Featuring an asymmetrical mesh design, the modules allow you to create linear, split and curved layouts.
Colours available
Technical details
Module for a free-standing modular partition for outdoor use, which can be configured as required. Ideal for separating outdoor spaces. It consists of grid elements, easily hooked together without using screws, and includes a self-watering container for plants. The modules can be vertically stacked to a maximum height of 3 components. To ensure the stability of the product, the pot must be filled with a ballast weighing at least 30 kg. Material: regenerated uniformly colored fiberglass polypropylene resins with UV additives. Regenerated fiberglass polypropylene may undergo small variations in color due to the use of recycled material. Matt finish. Recyclable resin.
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in cm
in cm
Sipario modulo
Product weight
3,3 kg
Packaging box
pieces and volume
1 pz
0,083 mc
number of pieces on pallet
24 pz
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