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10th May 2021

Why you should choose stackable chairs

Why you should choose stackable chairs

It's great to have a few extra friends in the garden or someone who arrives unexpectedly at the last minute, and choosing stackable chairs becomes a practical and smart solution.

The option of being able to perfectly stack one chair on top of another offers many advantages, first and foremost in terms of space: you can stack them when they are not required, put them in a small space in the garden, hide them and keep them in a storeroom during the winter months.

Stacking chairs also ensures tidiness and efficient cleaning, even in confined spaces. Many of our collections of outdoor chairs and armchairs have been designed to be easily and safely stacked up to six high. Such examples include our recently launched Trill versions, our award-winning Net and Net Relax, our slatted Palma and Gardenia and many more.

The stacking of one seat on top of another has been perfectly designed: stacking does not scratch or damage the surfaces of the chairs or affect their ergonomics and design in the slightest. Such attributes, along with high quality, are always at the forefront of our product design.