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29th September 2021

Vibrant and intense: this is the new marsala colour

Vibrant and intense: this is the new marsala colour

The marsala colour gets its bold and attractive character from its unmistakable and very unique shade of red, one of the new colours offered in the range for the new and original Doga collection, designed by Raffaello Galiotto. The collection, consisting of chairs with and without armrests, a lounge chair and a low table made of fiberglass resin, reintroduces a slatted design with a contemporary twist, also in its colours.

Marsala is a pleasantly warm and instantly appealing colour: its name is inspired by the famous Sicilian wine created in the late 18th century, and it shares its intensity and natural elegance.

Its rich and velvety red colour can be successfully combined with many colour combinations, adding a strong personality and a touch of eccentricity to any outdoor home or contract environment, making it immediately original and inviting.