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30th March 2021

The sustainable lightness of our outdoor furniture

The sustainable lightness of our outdoor furniture

How much does a Nardi chair weigh?

Very little, while maintaining all the distinctive features of our brand: quality, sturdiness and stylish design.

Our fiberglass resin outdoor furniture, especially chairs, also stands out for its special lightness. Our lightweight furniture, specifically designed for maximum user-friendliness, is easy to move and stack: this value-added feature is intended for home environments and, in particular, the contract sector. In contract spaces, it is essential for chairs and tables to be easily handled, since the furniture layout often changes throughout the day depending on customers’ needs, and the sturdiness and safety of furniture is equally important.

Where lightness is absent, due to structural reasons, we research comfortable alternative solutions: one such example is our Atlantico sunlounger fitted with functional small wheels for easy movement. Then our Flùte tilting-top tables have a practical handle for easy handling, whereas the Komodo modular sofa offers exceptional versatility, allowing you to easily add, remove or move parts of the sofa according to current requirements. 

We call it sustainable lightness because our polypropylene furniture is not only lightweight, practical and comfortable but also fully recyclable.