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15th January 2021

The secret of our colours

The secret of our colours

Our outdoor furniture is available in a wide choice of colours, which are textured, matt and pleasant to the touch. The colours do not clash with the landscape, but blend in thanks to the special soft-effect of the researched shades that do not reflect light but absorb it.

These colours will not change over time, as they are not coated products with surfaces that may be scratched or peeled off. In our furniture, the colour is that of the material itself, uniformly distributed throughout all details. They are reliable colours because their formula consists of high-quality polypropylene mixed with anti-UV agents, which is mass-coloured with non-toxic pigments.

Every year, we make samples of new shades: we research them with designers and stylists depending on the collection and trends because each product is a unique experience. Timeless colours such as white, anthracite and dove grey are accompanied by more striking choices such as grey, havana brown, tobacco and agave green. Beauty not only lies in the colour itself but also in the opportunity to mix different colours for refined and carefully balanced harmony.

Resistant to even the most extreme weather conditions without losing their colour, our outdoor furniture is all 100% recyclable and easy to sanitize.