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22nd January 2021

The Colours of Giotto

The Colours of Giotto

Perhaps not everyone knows that... the delicate nuances of the Net collection are inspired by the colours of the frescoes in the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua, which was beautifully frescoed by Giotto in 855 days between 1302 and 1305. Our designer, Raffaello Galiotto, an art enthusiast and the creator of many frescoes, wanted to reproduce these in one of our most successful collections.

By sampling the resin colours of the Net collection and combining them with the fabrics of padded elements, we sought to carefully reinterpret part of Giotto’s colour palette and create attractive chromatic compositions with contemporary appeal.

We have called this colour project GIOTTO COLLECTION: coral, mustard yellow, willow green, white, anthracite and dove grey... evocative colours, to say the least, for matching frames with padded elements, which include armchairs, benches, side tables and stools for outdoor use, for both home and contract contexts. All of them can be easily sanitized and are completely recyclable.