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7th September 2020


It's true, summer is drawing to a close but September is a wonderful month: the light is still intense, the air is cooler and crisper, and there are plenty of opportunities to be seized

In September, we go back to work and to school, and make plans for the winter and yet... it’s a month that retains all the magic of summer, the desire for a little light-heartedness. And precisely because it’s the last month before autumn, everything acquires more intensity and a mixture of melancholic sweetness: the last trek in the mountains, the last picnic in the hills, the last dip in the pool, the last opportunity to top up your suntan... 

A swim in the sea or in the pool in September has the enchanting taste of freedom, of being able to fully enjoy the beauty of nature and its silence... the magical sensation of lying in the sun and still feeling the warmth of its rays that no longer do any harm.

We hope you all enjoy wonderful swims in September: when you come out of the water, maybe you will lie down on one of our Atlantico sunloungers. They can be found at beaches and resorts all over the world. Relaxing, aren’t they?