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2nd October 2020

Storing outdoor furniture at the end of the season

Storing outdoor furniture at the end of the season

The end of the summer season is approaching and we need to store the tables and chairs that have furnished our outdoor spaces during this period.

Whether you live in the countryside or in the city, in a large or small house, space is always limited. That’s also why most of the outdoor furniture by Nardi is designed to provide the “minimum effort and maximum result” when it’s time to store it. 

In our catalogue, you can find various types of “smart” furniture that can be folded up and stored in small spaces such as our Zac chairs, Acquamarina armchair, Flute, Scudo and Frasca tables with a tilting top, as well as our Spritz and Step low tables that can be dismantled. If not folding, all chairs and armchairs can be stacked and stored in a vertical space.

Another important aspect to consider is that the resin used for our furniture is non-scratch and doesn’t require any special maintenance before storage.

When spring comes around again, a cloth dampened with water can be used to wipe down the furniture and the work is done: the terrace and garden will be ready and welcoming again with colours that will always remain vibrant and bright for many years. All thanks to our industrial process that involves mass colouring and the addition of anti-UV agents to a high-quality resin.

There’s no problem for terraces and balconies in the high mountains. Our outdoor furniture can withstand low temperatures in winter... so you can comfortably admire snow-covered mountains after a great day spent skiing.