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2nd March 2021

#Separating, not dividing: Sipario

#Separating, not dividing: Sipario

Sipario, our modular partition for outdoor use made of recycled plastic and designed by Raffaello Galiotto, combines a unique design and extreme compositional versatility with an unexpected and very modern function: it helps with social distancing in public places by quickly and easily creating safety zones and routes.

Developed as part of the Regeneration industrial programme by Nardi, which involves taking back obsolete outdoor furniture to regenerate its plastic, Sipario has been designed to separate spaces into versatile, constantly changing configurations. Thanks to the hooking system of individual modules, walls of various shapes (linear, split, curved or closed) and dimensions can be created.  

Featuring a wide mesh design and a self-watering planter pot that houses plants for an attractive natural backdrop effect, Sipario gives shape to fluid and dynamic environments.