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29th May 2021

#Separating, not dividing: Komodo

#Separating, not dividing: Komodo

The need, more relevant than ever, to “separate but not divide” in order to ensure interpersonal distancing but also socialising, is perfectly met thanks to the many possible arrangements of our Komodo outdoor sofa (designed by Raffaello Galiotto).

This modular upholstered seating system for outdoor use combines aesthetic appeal and functionality with the pleasure of entertaining guests in complete safety (with no limit to the number) in countless configurations, allowing people to be comfortably seated at the right distance.

Maximum compositional versatility is enhanced by the innovative fixing system between the back and seat, by means of simple rotation (patented system). This makes it extremely easy to vary and/or integrate over time, in keeping with the constant transformation of contemporary environments while satisfying tastes and needs.