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12th March 2021

Round or square, high or low? Outdoor coffee tables for all tastes and needs

Round or square, high or low? Outdoor coffee tables for all tastes and needs

Round, square, rectangular, high, low, perforated or slatted, in bright or minimalist colours: Nardi offers a variety of outdoor coffee tables ideal for different tastes and needs.

In addition to being extremely functional for placing glasses, books and small objects, they create an attractive relaxation area that people can gather around, tell stories and have a good time. Outdoor coffee tables can also be positioned next to a comfortable armchair or a sun-lounger for a moment of relaxation all to yourself.

The Nardi catalogue offers many different styles and functions: those who prefer round tabletops can take advantage of the two heights available for Spritz and Step or appreciate the slats of Aria Tavolino in a square or rectangular version. The Net Table, with its characteristic perforated net pattern featured throughout the entire extensive, award-winning collection of garden chairs, armchairs and loveseats, is also rectangular.

Then there is multifunctional Pop, which can be used as a coffee table and a practical compartment for placing objects. Under its top, Pop has an additional surface that, surprisingly, can be pulled out to become a useful tray.

A wide variety of colours is available: from the ever-present white, anthracite and dove grey to shades specifically designed for a particular collection, such as coral, mustard yellow and willow green for Net, or light blue and agave for Spritz and Step.

All tabletops are made of fibreglass resin with a matt finish but if another material is preferred, Nardi also offers the delicate and refined lines of Loto Relax, a coffee table with a tempered glass top and an aluminium base. 

All coffee tables are quickly and easily sanitised and 100% recyclable.