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11th January 2021

Poggio, a must-have for relaxing

Poggio, a must-have for relaxing

This footrest, a real must-have for relaxing, adds a touch of unconventional style. Ideal for positioning in various spaces in the home, it is the dream of many who, at the end of the day, feel the need to indulge in the comfort of an armchair or sofa.

Presented as a functional footrest to complement the new Folio relaxing armchairs, it is available in the same pattern and colours. Poggio is a refined complementary furnishing item for outdoor and indoor use, which can be purchased separately. It fulfils various functions and is also extremely useful as a stool when you need to add a place at the table at the last minute.

This relaxing footrest (designed by Raffaello Galiotto) is made of fiberglass resin and features a perforated frame embellished with a square pattern.

Like all our products, it is easy to sanitize, weatherproof, stackable and entirely recyclable.

Enjoy relaxing!