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3rd April 2020

On the banks of the Danube

On the banks of the Danube
Project: Architect Dejan Popov – Landscape Factory Studio (Serbia) 

A private residence with rigorous and contemporary lines, surrounded by a large garden of 2,850 square metres, overlooks the charming hilly landscape of Novi Sad, on the banks of the Danube. It is the natural setting created by the architect Dejan Popov, who has designed various charming outdoor contexts.

Open-air areas are located at different points and levels of the spacious garden and bordered by an ideal path, featuring light-coloured natural stone paving. 

The colours of the outdoor furniture match the colours of the house, with anthracite and dove grey, enlivened by some skilful touches of yellow, fuchsia and violet-blue. Colours and materials blend in with the natural landscape, always maintaining a delicate balance of style, functionality and practicality.

The main entrance leads to a large portico that can accommodate people on the horizontally arranged Komodo modular upholstered seating system. It has five comfortable seats and a corner armchair, where suitably positioned cushions add to the sensation of softness, relaxation and cosiness provided by the sofa.

The layout of other outdoor seating takes advantage of the lush vegetation and the beautiful large plants in the garden. For example, the dining area, which features the RIO extensible table, is situated under leafy trees that create natural shade. The lounge area, ideal for pleasant aperitifs or after-dinner drinks, features one of Nardi’s best sellers, the Loto & Ninfea set made of aluminium, resin and glass. It is unique - breaking away from colour rules - and available in total white, almost representing an island of sheer and protected relaxation. 

The infinity pool, positioned slightly lower than the level of the building, is surrounded by relaxing and functional Atlantic sunloungers and versatile Pop tables.

The outcome is a harmonious context, with continuous and surprising interaction between contemporary design and nature, which was the customer’s intention from the very outset.