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8th January 2021

NTT South Africa Head Office chooses Trill for its Communal Areas

NTT South Africa Head Office chooses Trill for its Communal Areas
Imola Building at The Campus Office Park, Johannesburg, South Africa

The two main communal areas at the headquarters of NTT South Africa, consisting of two large, brightly lit co-working spaces and a canteen, are made available by the company to its employees in order to promote team awareness and encourage learning and involvement between different teams.

In particular, the large co-working area features a vertical green wall more than 11 metres long, offering a wide range of options for choosing the space that best suits the purpose of each meeting. Space is therefore dedicated to round or square tables, which are desk-style or bar height, all surrounded by chairs without armrests and stools made of fiberglass resin from the Trill collection by Nardi. 

The same collection was also chosen for the canteen on the first floor as part of a seamless design: a relaxing context combines round and linear solutions to accommodate various social requirements. 

The colour scheme in both areas features the soft colours of the Trill collection as its distinctive features: matt nuances with a bold textured effect in white, bouquet pink, anthracite, mustard yellow and teal green, fully in line with the global standard of NTT.

Designed by Raffaello Galiotto, the Trill collection, inspired by the elegant style of materials such as metal and wood, focuses on ergonomics and the well-being of its users. It is stackable, weatherproof, easily sanitised and 100% recyclable.


Project: Megan Crewe-Brown, Pyramid Office |