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8th December 2021

Neutral colours for refined and timeless outdoor spaces

Neutral colours for refined and timeless outdoor spaces

Timeless, extremely versatile and always elegant: neutral colours are a timeless classic that can be reinterpreted in countless styles and variations. The Net outdoor collection in fiberglass resin fully enhances their expressive potential.


Providing a neat chromatic balance for even the most vibrant outdoor spaces, i.e. those with plenty of plants and flowers, neutral colours such as tortora and antracite create an attractive effect with a uniform splash of colour in the garden. On the other hand, refined bianco which can be combined with any other shade and background, adds light and is the perfect solution especially for seaside areas or swimming pools. Furniture in neutral colours can also be easily embellished with cushions, accessories and objects in bright, contrasting colours.


The result is an open-air ensemble in neutral shades that harmoniously blend with the colours of the sky, the sea and nature.