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17th August 2021

Mediterranean scents on Favignana

Mediterranean scents on Favignana

One of a kind, Hotel Cave Bianche is a sequence of shapes carved out of the largest white limestone quarry on the enchanting island of Favignana, Sicily. Architectural blocks are separated by slits that allow light to filter through. They are set in a mosaic of lawns and underground gardens, where agaves, pomegranates, citrus plants and Mediterranean fragrances are the undisputed protagonists.

The outdoor area, always kept mild and cool due to rock walls, is furnished with Nardi outdoor furniture, from the swimming pool to the whirlpool area and the new spacious covered areas for breaks and lunches.

The latest important extension has added a new covered area of almost 100 square metres, fitted with photovoltaic panels - the hotel is already Ecolabel certified and is highly committed to sustainability - which houses attractive and functional sets of furniture. Easy to move, these sets include Frasca square tilt-top tables and comfortable Trill Bistrot chairs. Everything is based on the green, slightly desaturated, shades of agave, for a perfect match with the slatted wooden flooring and lush vegetation. 

Relaxation is guaranteed after using the whirlpool with our Trill chairs with armrests in a senape colour combined with our understated Spritz round-top tables.

The privacy and boundary line of both the new areas of the hotel are created by Sipario, the modular partition made of recycled plastic with a self-watering pot, which is practical to assemble/disassemble and can be moved as required. All the furniture is designed by Raffaello Galiotto.

The design of the new outdoor extension of Hotel Cave Bianche was overseen by Studio Architetti Cusenza-Salvo.