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10th June 2020

Look how I rock!

Look how I rock!

Who has never dreamt of spending half an hour of total relaxation being rocked in the garden, perhaps with a good book or a cup of tea? 

Folio Rocking is the new comfortable and innovative outdoor rocking chair made of fiberglass resin, to which you can add soft padding as an optional. Designed by Raffaello Galiotto, it features a perforated square pattern and a clear-cut linear design that exploits the elasticity of plastic: a single structure for the seat-back, where the latter is wide, embracing and reclines to two positions thanks to a patented system. 

The base of Folio Rocking is mounted on two polypropylene glides, an optional kit for the armchair with a fixed base, allowing the gentle swinging movement of rocking chairs.

The armchair, with a frame available in four colours, can be combined with a soft cushion in a choice of four fabrics in charming shades.

Ideal for use in the home and in the contract sector (gardens, terraces, poolsides), Folio Rocking is extremely easy to sanitize. It is also weatherproof and entirely recyclable.