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12th April 2021

Lights, cameras, action! Behind the scenes at Nardi

Lights, cameras, action! Behind the scenes at Nardi

Behind the scenes at Nardi, like no one has ever seen before... 

On 15 April, Nardi Talks will make its debut. This new virtual event aims to go beyond the usual news about the company, the intention being to reveal all the various aspects of its driving force.

Few words, but many videos and photographs: Nardi Talks is meant to be as informal as a chat, as energising as a break, with the buzz of having a coffee with friends. Sent by e-mail, Nardi Talks can be browsed as you please like a digital portal, and will be accessible if, when and how you choose.

It will take the form of quarterly story, with the initial chapter dedicated to the value we believe to be the most important of all: PEOPLE, or rather, the PEOPLE who work at Nardi.

Because behind every piece of our furniture, award or success is the work and talent of everyone who contributes to the Nardi brand's products and services every day.