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29th May 2020

Key features: resin furniture for outdoor use is easily sanitized

Key features: resin furniture for outdoor use is easily sanitized

The choice of outdoor furniture made of long-lasting and easy-to-clean materials not only simplifies our lives but is a topic that has become more crucial than ever in this period of health emergency, especially for the hospitality sector.

One of the most appreciated advantages of polypropylene furniture for outdoor use is that it can be disinfected thoroughly, easily and frequently without ruining or fading, which is certainly a value-added feature not to be overlooked.

High-quality polypropylene, the main raw material used for our products, is non-toxic, antistatic, highly resistant to weather conditions, breakage and scratches. It is not a porous material therefore it can be cleaned with disinfectant or soap diluted in a little water.

At Nardi, we add anti-UV agents to the resin - to preserve maximum quality and colour brightness over time - and fibreglass to make our garden furniture even more effective. Our furniture can be placed in either very hot or very cold environments, in humid or saline environments. Know-how and cutting-edge machinery allow us to offer collections that combine quality with design, thicknesses, particularly thin profiles and the highest level of functionality. 

Last but not least, polypropylene is entirely recyclable, a feature that we have always exploited by re-introducing production waste back into the production cycle to avoid waste. Furthermore, in 2019 we launched the Regeneration industrial project that foresees the withdrawal of obsolete plastic furniture from the market in order to transform it into new furniture according to the principles of the circular economy. Working to make production processes increasingly sustainable has always been an integral part of our company philosophy.