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19th February 2021

Imagine a relaxing day in the mountains

Imagine a relaxing day in the mountains

The days are getting longer and the air, although still crisp, is starting to warm up: it's time to think about your first trips out of town or a romantic weekend surrounded by nature.

And where there is relaxation... our stylish Folio two-position outdoor armchair (designed by Raffaello Galiotto) is a must, with its wonderfully relaxing, wide, enveloping structure that ergonomically embraces the body. Whether you are alone, a couple or in good company, Folio is synonymous with breaks and lazing about.

Folio is also ideal in the outdoor spaces of bars/restaurants and hotels for creating a relaxation area for visitors, for a break during a walk, or as the perfect excuse for relaxing while enjoying a beautiful view.

Folio, made of fiberglass resin, is easy to sanitize, weatherproof, stackable and entirely recyclable.