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31st January 2019

How to choose a sofa for your garden

How to choose a sofa for your garden
To make the most of your garden space, the best solution is without a doubt an outdoor sofa, provided it is comfortable, attractive and hard-wearing.

These days, if you want to furnish your garden or terrace with style, there is no shortage of solutions to choose from: unlike a few years ago, when all you could opt for was a mass of insignificant furniture, you can now pick some truly smart, sleekly designed products.

So gone are the boring plastic tables and chairs which were neglected in cold weather - these have been replaced by armchairs, sofas and other items of furniture with a trendy and sophisticated look.

Modern-day outdoor furniture is designed to be admired, but also to be comfortable and above all durable, in other words built to withstand sun rays and all weather.

It’s great to be able to welcome friends in your garden or on your terrace for an aperitif as they settle comfortably onto a welcoming and stylish sofa. It’s enjoyable to relax and unwind on the soft cushions of a seat to read a book or take an afternoon nap.

Nardi offers the chance to make the most of your outdoor space with Komodo 5, the modular sofa that can be configured to your liking depending on the available space and on personal taste

Designed by Raffaello Galiotto, the frame of Komodo 5 recalls the inter-connected layout of the branches of a tree, and is available in white, anthracite and dove grey, which can be teamed with padded cushions in shades ranging from grey to quartz pink for a completely customised end product.

The sofa frame can be dismounted and affords the utmost composition flexibility: it is made of fully recyclable, batch-dyed, UV-treated fiberglass polypropylene.

Designed with smart packaging to limit the bulk and make for easier storage, Komodo 5 is also fitted with non-slip feet, a backrest and armrests which can be attached on all sides.

In addition to the Komodo sofa, the outdoor furnishing range is completed by the Komodo coffee table and the Komodo Wall modular wall, which consists of 3 modules that can be stacked vertically to recreate a cosy and comfy corner set aside in private.