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5th February 2021

Have you ever considered an outdoor table with a tilting top?

Have you ever considered an outdoor table with a tilting top?

Created for professional use, for the outdoor spaces of bars and eateries, they are proving to be increasingly useful and popular for use in the home and for matters of tidiness and space. Such outdoor tables have a top that can then be easily tilted vertically, after use, and placed against a wall.

Our catalogue includes many that vary in their shapes, bases and colours. The latest is Frasca, with a central column that resembles the characteristic shape of an upside-down tree. Available with a square or round top, its clear-cut lines and formal details recall the chairs in the Net and Trill collections, which have the same thickness and curved radius of the 4 feet. Together they provide an ideal compositional set.

There are, however, many other collections and sizes to choose from: if your space is limited but there are many guests, the Scudo Double table, for example, has large tilting tops that can be extended to considerable dimensions: 110x70 and 120x80.

High-quality tilting technology for materials and mechanisms, make them intuitive to use. They are provided with easy handling aids to make them particularly practical and versatile.