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17th February 2021

Durability, warranty and spare parts: a long life for our products

Durability, warranty and spare parts: a long life for our products

Nardi products are easy to handle and use. Their resistance over time is also guaranteed by the material, polypropylene, which is particularly ideal for outdoor use.

They are not only easy to sanitize and clean but also easy to maintain and, with a few simple tips, you can further extend their natural durability.

How is that possible? Because spare parts and warranties for repairs are easily available, allowing consumers to save money, with no less important implications for the environment and waste reduction.

Despite the absence of specific regulations for the furniture industry, our company has long been an independent promoter of initiatives and principles that head exactly in this direction, thanks to the meticulous attention we give our customer service (and a valuable help for the environment).

Durability - As previously mentioned, our products have a very long life. Furthermore, we keep products in the catalogue for a long time and store spare parts and minimum quantities in stock, also after they have been removed from the catalogue. 

Warranty - We are certain of the quality and durability of our products and we guarantee them all for 2 years.

Repairs - For repairs to our products (managed via the retailer during the warranty period), we have provided an online platform for purchasing spare parts (, as well as some sample videos to help end customers with replacement operations.

Besides this focus on our customers, with the Regeneration industrial programme, the mainstay of our commitment to environmental sustainability, we take back obsolete plastic furniture and recycle the material to create new outdoor products based on the circular economy. Would you like to take a look at our latest addition? It’s called Sipario, a partition element with a self-watering pot for outdoor use, all made of recycled plastic.