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12th April 2021

A Red Dot Award for Folio and Sipario

A Red Dot Award for Folio and Sipario

The warm outdoor season in 2021 begins with a prestigious Red Dot Award for our two latest outdoor furniture items: the embracing Folio outdoor relaxing armchair and the Sipario modular partition with a self-watering planter made of recycled plastic.

Red Dot is one of the most important international awards for high-quality design. Folio and Sipario were selected, by a panel of judges, from thousands of products and projects from about 60 countries, a record number of entries for a competition that is more than 60 years old.

The two products, differing in type and use, share the distinctive hallmark of the designer Raffaello Galiotto, our company’s outstanding expertise in making outdoor furniture and the following features of polypropylene: flexibility, elasticity, durability and recyclability. 

Our company’s commitment to regenerating plastic is exemplified by Sipario, which consists of more than 70% recycled plastic from collecting obsolete furniture as part of the Nardi Regeneration industrial programme.