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30th November 2020

What lies behind the Net collection?

What lies behind the Net collection?

What lies behind the characteristic perforated pattern of our Net collection designed by Raffaello Galiotto?

A meticulous design that has been researched down to the minutest detail for aesthetic and ergonomic perfection; a dense radial pattern of square perforations extending seamlessly across the surfaces of armchairs, loveseats, low tables and stools.

A complex process of 3D modelling and milling to define the details of cutting-edge moulds in order to make each item in the collection.

An ultra-modern production cycle using energy-saving hybrid injection moulding machines.

Much hard work and know-how have gone into a perforated pattern, which is not only decorative but also plays with the refined Giottesque nuances it offers, and with light. The outcome is a refined and remarkable chiaroscuro effect that adds a sense of movement and lightness to the entire collection. The Net Relax armchair, the main item, has received several international awards for its design.