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30th June 2020

What to do in the garden: a sofa for gazing at the stars

What to do in the garden: a sofa for gazing at the stars

Being able to look up at the sky and be enchanted by the magical nature of the stars is one of the most fascinating experiences offered on summer nights. Also from your own garden, you can see the impressive Big Dipper, bright Cassiopeia, Orion’s belt or the unmistakable constellation of the Swan.  

Lying on a relaxing outdoor sofa such as Komodo adds "experience to experience", a combination of elegance and ultra comfort thanks to its ergonomic design, soft padded cushions and the opportunity it provides to transform.

Komodo is a modular system with exceptional compositional versatility that can be designed according to all tastes and needs, with no limits to the number of seats. Inspired by nature and created as a stable grid frame with padded backs and cushions that can be hooked onto each side, it is not only ideal for those who love to gaze up at the summer sky in the company of friends but also for those who prefer more intimate moments, perhaps waiting to see a shooting star. 

Made of fiberglass resin, the frame is available in white, dove grey, agave and anthracite and matches an elegant variety of colours for the cushions designed specifically for outdoor use. 

In a large lush garden of a country house or in a smaller corner of greenery on a terrace in the city, Komodo is the perfect sofa for spending an evening outdoors looking up to "rebehold the stars".