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27th September 2019

Trill Bistrot conquers indoor spaces

Trill Bistrot conquers indoor spaces

As part of the company's constant search for innovative solutions, the Trill Bistrot chair (Design Raffaello Galiotto) reveals its multifunctional personality, conquering indoor spaces in style.

A fiberglass resin chair with minimalist lines and a harmoniously sculptural appearance, Trill Bistrot is also designed to furnish interiors accompanied by a special ash-coloured cushion that perfectly fits the chair and enhances the unmistakable look that distinguishes it. 

The slim cushion of Trill Bistrot for indoors is thermoformed and welded without stitching. The fabric is bonded with a waterproof film and treated against stains and mould. The careful packaging makes it non-deformable and prevents it from folding. It can be fixed to the seat with a discreet and elegant resin clip that does not hinder the stackability of the chair. 

In this version, Trill Bistrot becomes an efficient and prominent feature also in indoor contexts while retaining its characteristics of lightness and versatility. The chair is 100% recyclable.