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18th September 2020


A friend calls you at the last minute. Outside it’s a sunny day and it would be a crime to be cooped up in the office... and voilà, there you go!

Turning your lunch time, however short, into a pleasant and relaxing moment is the most regenerating way to organise a break from long days full of work and family commitments.

The essential ingredients are good company and a relaxing and tastefully furnished place. An outdoor location that will provide beautiful sensations and give your eyes a rest.

When we design our outdoor furniture, we always bear in mind two things: it must be really comfortable and functional but also beautiful to enjoy, because we truly believe that beauty makes the difference. We do this for the design and for the choice of colours, which is never random. The range of colours for the Net armchair in these pictures, for example, is based on a colour project inspired by the colours of frescoes painted by Giotto. The colours of our Net armchairs, mustard, coral, willow green and dove grey, were chosen by studying the scenes painted by the great Florentine artist in the magnificent Scrovegni Chapel in Padua.