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18th April 2020

Special features: extensible

Special features: extensible

The art of entertaining guests in the garden or on a large terrace requires the presence of a table, even better if it is an extensible one. Such an essential piece of furniture offers a large number of guests a comfortable place.

Its design is certainly a fundamental aspect to bear in mind, however, many other considerations need to be made. First and foremost, an outdoor table must be sturdy, functional, able to accommodate many people, made of materials that can withstand all weather conditions, and long-lasting in both aesthetic and technical terms.

A large number of seats at the table is ensured thanks to its extensions, with an opening mechanism that is one of the fundamental factors to consider when making your choice. The best extension technology is certainly the “leg bridge" mechanism, which allows the structure to slide, always keeping the legs at the ends of the table. In this way, any unpleasant inconvenience due to obstructing supports can be avoided. This is the patented mechanism for our RIO, a slatted table also designed with a perfect fixing system for its extensions: once extended, RIO is a long fixed table without any imperfections or encumbrance.

Here we present some pictures of several gardens around the world that have opted for the rigorous lines and the bold character of RIO, adorning it with different chairs and armchairs chosen from our catalogue to ensure the utmost comfort for 10 people.

Many furnishing ideas and styles combine design, functionality and maximum practicality: none of our products require any maintenance; they can be left outside in all weather conditions, are easy to store and are entirely recyclable at the end of their life cycle.