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29th April 2020

A romantic outdoor space

A romantic outdoor space

Harmonious, cosy and relaxing. This is the atmosphere conveyed by a romantic outdoor space. When surrounded by greenery - in a garden or on a flowering balcony - it can become a real haven of peace and relaxation, where you can dedicate time to yourself and to your loved one.   

For such an attractive space, outdoor furniture with soft and sinuous lines is preferred, such as the two-seater Net Bench Loveseat, which, together with Net single-body armchairs, can also create a charming outdoor lounge. With its comfortable and refined shape, available in a range of delicate colours, the Net collection is perfectly matched with soft cushions in different fabrics and nuances.

A low table is essential, either tone on tone with chairs or in an attractive contrasting colour, on which you can place a lantern or candles to create a suffused light effect, making some moments even more magical and enchanting.  

In full harmony with the setting around them, the shades and shapes of furnishing elements can create our "romantic haven".


Credits: Jalla Paris