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22nd January 2020

Nardi's work in support of environmental sustainability

Nardi's work in support of environmental sustainability

Nardi's focus on making products with high added value that are sustainable for the environment can also be seen in the company's commitment to gradually put into place actions to improve its environmental performance thanks to LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) carried out on the latest products such as Komodo and Komodo EcoWall.

An international standardised method, LCA is based on using sophisticated software that is able to reproduce the environmental impact of certain products during their life cycle.

In order to obtain concrete feedback on the scope of the Regeneration industrial programme for the recovery and recycling of obsolete plastic according to the principles of the circular economy, Nardi has also commissioned an additional LCA comparative survey between Komodo Wall and Komodo EcoWall, the latter made of 70% recycled plastic obtained from discarded furniture withdrawn from the market. 

The encouraging end result has highlighted a significant reduction in environmental impact parameters for products (in our catalogue) made of regenerated plastic. 

In particular, the most notable is the lower impact of Komodo EcoWall on global warming (25.7 kg CO₂eq compared to 44 for Komodo Wall).