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4th November 2019

Nardi, "green" match sponsor of the LR Vicenza-Padova derby


Nardi was the match sponsor of the exciting L.R. Vicenza – Padova derby that took place on 3rd November at the Romeo Menti Stadium in Vicenza.

Always at the forefront in terms of environmental sustainability issues, the President of the company, Giampietro Nardi and his daughter Floriana, paid a tribute to the "Biancorossa" (white and red) team with two important "green" gifts: a re-usable aluminium flask to discourage the use of throw-away plastic bottles and a special paper bracelet containing tiny seeds, which, once planted, will give life to an explosion of colourful flowers.

With these symbolic gifts, Nardi wanted to highlight the importance of personal best practices, confirming its commitment to the environment, which is also reflected in its important industrial project called REGENERATION, which aims to recover and recycle non-disposable plastic at the end of its life.