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20th March 2020

Nardi among the top-performing “Champion” companies in Italy

Nardi among the top-performing “Champion” companies in Italy

Further acknowledgement for Nardi, which ranks among the top 800 companies in Italy in the turnover range from 20 to 120 million euros.

This was revealed by a survey conducted by Centro Studi ItalyPost in collaboration with Il Corriere della Sera Economia, which analysed the financial statements of Italian companies that showed above-average results from 2012 to 2018.  

Nardi, therefore, with its constantly growing business trend has been one of the 800 top-performing companies in Italy in recent years. Products with original design, innovation, high quality and a focus on environmental sustainability are the key factors that have largely contributed to making Nardi one of the most popular and recognised companies in the international outdoor furniture industry. 

The parameters analysed include a compound annual growth rate of more than 4.25%, an average EBITDA over the last 3 years equal to or greater than 9.72%, and a ratio between NFP and EBITDA equal to or less than 2.80%.