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21st September 2020

Nardi is among the “business champions”

Nardi is among the “business champions”
Meet the Champions 2020

From 18 September to 30 November, the Italian business world will be explored at Meet the Champions 2020, a tour of meetings organised by ItalyPost in collaboration with the L'Economia column of Il Corriere della Sera, which has invited Nardi to talk about its industrial model.

A valuable occasion for a selected number of high-performance companies experiencing significant growth, Meet the Champions 2020 will involve 10 weeks, 10 meetings and 10 locations representing Italian industry (Vicenza, Prato, Bologna, Conegliano, Parma, Turin, Varese, Bergamo, Padua and Naples).

Protagonists, entrepreneurs and partners will be the focus of a promising exchange of visions and experiences aimed at sharing strategies and synergies.

The tour opened with the event in Vicenza on 18 September at the CUOA Business School of Altavilla Vicentina (VI), with the participation, among others, of our Anna Nardi, CEO and Head of Sales and Finance at Nardi. It was moderated by Diana Cavalcoli, a journalist of Il Corriere della Sera.