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24th July 2020

It withstands anything!

It withstands anything!
Our Komodo, a force of nature

Naturally, we don't exactly think of a monsoon when we say that our products are totally weatherproof, but in certain latitudes it also occurs.

The video of our Komodo modular armchair system, at the mercy of a violent summer monsoon, comes directly from the Indian city of Mangalore. Heavy rain and strong winds descend on the sofa which, however, remains... indestructible thanks to its solid fiberglass resin frame - totally recyclable - and the secure hooking system for the cushions made of fabrics ideal for outdoor use. Inspired by the lattice pattern of tree branches, Komodo moves to the rhythm of the wind just like trees.

Perhaps not everyone knows that the term "monsoon" comes from the Persian word “manzin” meaning "season". This term not only refers to the wind but also to the rain and the climatic event considered to be the most violent on our planet.