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5th December 2020

Inspired by aquatic flowers

Inspired by aquatic flowers

Lotus flowers and lilies are the absolute protagonists of aquatic plants; one represents pureness and inner beauty, the other sunrise.

They perfectly create dream-like floral atmospheres with their long stems, clearly visible underwater, from which fascinating flowers open up on the surface...

By observing nature, the designer Raffaello Galiotto was inspired by this image when he designed our evocative outdoor collection of Loto and Ninfea chairs and tables.

Fluid lines, airy joints and sinuous shapes: slender aluminium legs support the elegant structure of the Ninfea chair and the various tops of the Loto table, proposed in a dining version and a lounge version.

Just like the two enchanting aquatic flowers, this table and this chair also love the sun and outdoor contexts. They adorn gardens, terraces and poolsides with their romantic style, ensuring a spectacular effect.

Comfortable and ergonomic, with a harmonious combination of materials including resin, aluminium, glass and laminate, the set is 100% recyclable and strictly Made in Italy.