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8th April 2020

High-end design mini outdoor havens for small spaces

High-end design mini outdoor havens for small spaces

Even those who don’t have a garden or a large terrace can have their green haven "at home", where they can relax by reading a good book or sipping a delicious coffee during the day.  With a little creativity and the right furniture, a small space can be transformed into a delightful and charming corner outdoors. 

In smaller contexts, among flowers and climbing plants, Step and Spritz side tables and Zac folding chairs can find an ideal setting to express their modernity and freshness. They are the perfect solution for a small open-air space, which can be created, for example, in a corner of a small terrace overlooking the city. The chairs, also decorated with floral patterns, tell a story in which comfort is combined with the possibility of always keeping a chair to hand for an extra guest! 

Those who don’t like folding chairs can choose stackable ones, such as Bora or Trill, combining a space-saving solution with stylish design and the utmost comfort. 

A varied and highly customisable range of colours is available for the outdoor space of a small garden. There is no lack of colours in the Nardi catalogue: you can choose from red, light blue, lime and more subtle shades such as anthracite, dove grey, coffee... Some people prefer monotone colours, whereas others love to include touches of bright colours, allowing themselves to be guided by taste and creativity.