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18th August 2020


What could be more wonderful than being outdoors with children on a beautiful sunny day?

The ingredients for a perfect day: a bright and sunny Sunday, a beautiful garden or terrace, a snack, and children running around happily and carefree.

According to several leading studies, spending time outdoors in touch with nature helps you feel better, improves vital and mental functions and gives you a more positive attitude towards life.

After all, happiness is a simple concept and the ingredients are within reach. For example, you can start being more immersed in nature, even better if you are in the company of the people you love. We can also add a relaxing and very robust modular sofa for outdoors, where children can run, jump, do somersaults and throw themselves into the arms of adults... It is our Komodo, an infinitely modular outdoor sofa, with a frame inspired by the lattice pattern of tree branches. Getting closer to nature is also an extra incentive for taking care of it, which is why our products are completely recyclable and can be transformed into other products.