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18th November 2020

Folio… Magic Winter

Folio… Magic Winter

Our romantic and relaxing Folio armchair, designed by Raffaello Galiotto, proves to be a special place even in the magical setting of winter.

It is pleasant to be rocked by Folio even in the cold season... immersing yourself in a charming open air experience wrapped in the warm embrace of a blanket, perhaps with a cup of hot chocolate.

It's exciting to be surrounded by nature, breathe the crisp winter air in gardens or terraces, and take a relaxing break on a comfortable Folio armchair and a Poggio footrest.

Folio, the relaxing armchair for outdoor use made of fiberglass resin, comes with optional soft, enveloping and colourful padded cushions. They embrace the characteristic silhouette with its lowered seat, softly curved lines and perforated square pattern.

Also ideal in the most extreme outdoor contexts, on a fixed or rocking base Folio, like all our furniture, is fully resistant to all weather conditions and entirely recyclable.

Folio, my special place.