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28th July 2020

Eco-sustainable Luxury Glamping

Eco-sustainable Luxury Glamping

The Plana Resort & SPA and the first Luxury Glamping site are housed in the precious Parco Laguna Volturno nature reserve. Fully immersed in 40 hectares of natural oasis along the Domizio (CE) coast, nature and bio-architecture come together to give rise to entirely eco-sustainable tourism, featuring relaxation and wellbeing. (Architectural project: Centola & Associati; Landscape project: Claudia Landi, Daniel Gòmez de Zamora).

The glamping site is one of the largest in southern Italy. It features luxury tents and lodges situated along the lake shore or on floating platforms to ensure an ideal stay for those who want to relax and spend time surrounded by unique breathtaking scenery.

For this natural setting, some of our fiberglass polypropylene products were chosen as outdoor furniture. They are completely recyclable, very robust, weatherproof and do not require any special maintenance.

The high-performance Atlantic sunlounger furnishes the “floating terraces” on the lake shore and the more intimate outdoor terraces of the sophisticated lodges. The latter also house the Clip table, with a square top in photo-engraved DurelTop with a perforated pattern and a central four-spoke leg, with Bit chairs.  With its meticulous details, the Bit chair is made of UV-treated and mass-coloured, perforated fiberglass resin. Refined but also functional, it is lightweight and stackable. Like every man-made structure in the Parco Laguna Volturno, the choice of colours for Nardi furniture is mellow and harmoniously matches the colours of nature, with shades of dove grey blending well with the surrounding environment.


Architectural project: Centola & Associati
Landscape project: Claudia Landi, Daniel Gòmez de Zamora
Location: Castel Volturno (CE), Campania (Italy)
Photos by: Raffaele Mariniello and Nicemilk
Dealer: Gloria srl