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1st August 2019


The importance of being a group

On Friday 26th July, at our company's headquarters, the NARDI BarCamp took place, an interesting Team Building experience for all NARDI employees.

It was an exciting opportunity for growth, reflection and practising transversal skills such as team working, communicating effectively, and fostering proactivity and the ability to propose, understand the value of time and its proper management. 

Organised as a series of workshops, according to a rotating system that involved the continuous mixing of the participants of various groups, the day was mainly focused on strengthening the team and the sense of belonging to the company.

Everyone participated and collaborated for the success of the day, as a strong and cohesive group, without any distinction of role, united only by the desire to get involved, get to know each other better, learn new skills and grow with the company.

The day ended in the evening at the foot of the Castello Scaligero in Soave (VR), a medieval fortress of rare and evocative beauty, for the usual mid-year NARDI Summer Party.