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22nd September 2020

A perfect little balcony

A perfect little balcony

Despite their small dimensions, even the smallest balconies can become a beautiful space to use by creating a green corner, where you can have breakfast, read in total relaxation or even work from home.

The secret is to find the right combination of plants and outdoor furniture to create a private, relaxing and functional haven. If you are looking for an outdoor table and chairs, our catalogue offers various solutions for furnishing a delightful little terrace: the Spritz low table with a round top perfectly matches our Zac Spring chairs, which fold up and can be stored in a corner after use, allowing you to free up space. If the furniture has to be entirely and easily removable, you can also choose a small table with a tilting top such as Flùte: when closed, it can be placed against a wall. It really only takes up a few centimetres of space. If, on the other hand, you don't like folding chairs, you can choose stackable ones without armrests such as our Bora Bistrot chairs.   

No outdoor corner can be without plants, which should be chosen according to the amount of sun in our green space: regenerating and luxuriant, they naturally encourage relaxation. Finally, to create the right atmosphere, just add a few details such as scented candles, pots with herbs and/or flowering plants, as well as small ornamental objects that make it feel like summer.