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13th April 2020

What to do in the garden: dine al fresco

What to do in the garden: dine al fresco

Now days are getting longer and temperatures warmer, we inevitably prefer the sun and fresh air to being stuck indoors. A lunch, a dinner, an aperitif or a picnic in the garden are great opportunities to spend time together with family or with close friends for a break from the hectic daily routine.   

Under a gazebo or a pergola, sheltered by shady awnings, the important thing is to be surrounded by greenery. Conviviality, fun and good food create the ideal context for Rio, Rio Alu and Alloro garden tables to show their best features.

With their rigorous design and distinct character, they are extensible and can adapt to various requirements of space, styles and to larger or smaller groups of people. With a highly practical opening and closing system, they are easy to disassemble and extremely resistant to weather conditions thanks to their high-quality materials.

Available in various colours, they combine aesthetic appeal with functionality. These two qualities can be highlighted at a Sunday lunch barbecue or when you organise a homemade gourmet dinner al fresco, not to mention an aperitif at sunset.

Different versions of chairs can be matched: some people prefer them to be all the same for a more rigorous style, whereas others choose more versatile and dynamic furniture by mixing different versions and colours.