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17th February 2020

Nardi acknowledged as one of the top furniture companies in the province of Vicenza

Nardi acknowledged as one of the top furniture companies in the province of Vicenza

Nardi ranks in third place in terms of turnover among the companies in the furniture sector in the province of Vicenza. This performance was revealed in the Top500 report compiled by “Il Giornale di Vicenza”, which includes an assessment and data regarding the top companies in the Vicenza area in 2018. In this report, Nardi ranks among the top 200 companies in the province of Vicenza, without any classification according to sector.

Nardi is experiencing an increasing trend in its business, which is also confirmed by its 2019 financial year, which closed with an 8% increase on the previous year.

The outlook for the current year is equally positive, as Anna Nardi, CEO of the company, points out: “We are working and investing in efficiency to raise the level of our customer service even higher. Soon, we will complete an important computerised logistics project that will ensure an even higher level of performance for our company. By the end of the year, instead, the restructuring of one of our production sites will be completed, with the introduction of next-generation energy-saving hybrid presses and the construction of a new cooling system to improve and increase productivity and quality and further reduce environmental impact.”

Floriana Nardi, CEO, reiterates, "2020 will see the presentation of many new products that will further raise the level of our design and our specialisation in the outdoor furniture sector. We hope they will meet our customers’ tastes and gain international awards like our collections in recent years.”