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13th March 2019


Komodo, as you have never seen it before

Design, outdoor living, the enjoyment of conviviality and leisure. Nardi is an ambassador of the Italian lifestyle to the world, and the Komodo system is its perfect metaphor. From the breakfast ritual of croissant and cappuccino to the bedtime story, experience a typical Italian day through our eight steps and as many configurations.


A modular upholstered seating system, configurable as required, Komodo (designed by Raffaello Galiotto) opens up to ever new layouts with its constantly changing design, offering scope for countless creative combinations and original interlocking shapes.

Its fiberglass resin frame inspired by the natural lattice pattern of tree branches, available in a variety of colours that can be combined with various types of padded elements in new colours, elegantly unfolds into a wide range of shapes and colour combinations for maximised use according to spaces, tastes and needs.

If you are interested in Komodo as you have never seen it before, come and see us at the Salone del Mobile, Hall 12, Stand E05 F04.



Cappuccino and Croissant/

The day can’t start without a croissant and a cappuccino. Every morning, Italians go to a café, sit down at a table and order without hesitation. They take a bite of the croissant and sip on their cappuccino. Ten minutes later they get up, pay and leave, finally ready to face the world.


Love has no bounds and Italians, they say, love more intensely than anyone else. If sitting facing each other is an invitation to kiss at all ages, benches are the preferred location of teenage couples. After school, they can often be seen sitting a few centimetres apart, brushing against one another’s lips. 


“Have yourself a pizza and the world will smile at you”, goes an Italian song from a few years ago. Thanks to its round shape, the boot’s favourite dish is ideal for sharing with friends and family. They sit in a circle and open the ball. Within a few seconds, even the crust are swept up.


Serie A plays on Saturday and Sunday. Some weeks even on Mondays. The Champions League takes place on Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursdays are dedicated to the Europa League. Italians’ football diaries are packed. The host with the biggest TV calls up their dearest friends, arranges the chairs in a semi-circle, and it’s kick-off time.


A late-nineteenth century invention that boomed in the beginning of the last century, the aperitivo today is an unrenounceable daily ritual for Italians. Rendez-vous at the bar between 6 and 9 pm – though the time can vary depending on the latitude. Sitting or standing with a glass of wine, vermouth, a cocktail or a spritz in hand, they talk, meet people and have fun. Cin cin!

Bedtime stories/

Hailing from a land of poets and sailors, Italians have always been skilled at telling stories. This ability comes to life every evening in their homes, when they sit together and read to each other. When one is done, the other will inevitably ask: “Can you keep going?”

The rest/

The riposo has the great power of quickly regenerating the mind and the body. In a horizontal position, Italians take enjoyment in pastimes like watching TV, reading a book or doing the crosswords. Napping is not essential. After twenty minutes they’re up again.


Sharing feelings and information is a key element of the Italian lifestyle. Much like in a game of Chinese whispers, where a message is passed on, in a whisper, by each of a number of people until it reaches the last in the line, who announces it out loud. It’s almost never what the first person said.