ViewPoint Hotel is part of a choice group of boutique hotels situated along the Southern coast of Maine (USA).
ViewPoint offers the privacy and the sophisticated simplicity of a cottage, the warmth and comfort of a luxury resort and breathtaking ocean views.

Panoramic views and landscapes are the added benefits of the facility which also provides a beach club and a swimming pool for the convenience of its guests. The outdoor furnishings, which are entirely produced in shades of white, features the streamlined design and ergonomic shapes of the Atlantico sunbeds (in fiberglass resin and replaceable synthetic resin – Raffaello Galiotto design) both on the poolside as well as on the natural rocky ocean views.

Designed according to a load-carrying arch which distinguishes the entire frame, Atlantico has a sophisticated styling appeal which stands out for its rounded silhouettes that are entirely free of sharp edges. Its ergonomically designed shapes adapt in an even and flexible manner to the weight applied to it, providing 4 different backrest positions. It is stackable, easy to carry and does not require any end-of-season maintenance. 100% recyclable.
The outdoor furnishings of ViewPoint hotel are completed with seats from the Net collection, also chosen in white.