When the warmer weather is here it’s a pleasure to rediscover your outdoor spaces, whether this is a garden or a terrace, after leaving them unused during the winter months.

To spend a few hours out in the open air, perhaps reading a book or sipping a drink with friends, it is however a good idea to arrange some comfortable and welcoming outdoor furniture.

What’s more, it is also important to rebuild some protected, reserved areas, set aside from curious and indiscreet onlookers, both to retain your privacy and that of your guests.

If you are then lucky enough to have a big garden or a spacious terrace, it is useful to redistribute your space and divide it up into several smaller areas so as to minimise the appearance of dispersion.

Nardi, thanks to Komodo Wall, can help you organise your outdoor space, dividing up the various areas of your garden or terrace with style, elegance and functionality.

Indeed, Komodo Wall can be used to create protected outdoor areas with the utmost ease, as if you had a partition wall or folding screen at hand.

Nardi’ s new modular partition is mobile and movable, which means outdoor settings can be redefined without any composition restrictions.

Made of batch-dyed, UV-treated, fiberglass polypropylene, a completely recyclable resin, Komodo Wall features a frame, designed by Raffaello Galiotto, which brings to mind the inter-connected branches of a tree.

This modular wall, which is available in white, anthracite and dove grey, constitutes a genuine item of outdoor furniture: Komodo Wall modules can be arranged to the customer’s liking in order to delimit the space as they see fit, and they can even be stacked vertically for a maximum height of 3 modules.

Komodo Wall is a smart product because its modules can be put together and taken apart easily and to suit individual needs; what’s more, plants and flowers can be placed inside the frame, turning it into a truly beguiling green backdrop.

With Komodo Wall, Nardi further extends its product offering for outdoor furnishings, making your garden or terrace unique and special: the Komodo 5 sofa and Komodo coffee table are also available for purchase in addition to the Komodo modular wall.