A luxury hotel in the centre of Maracaibo, the Venezuelan city “loved by the sun”, Hotel Kristoff gleams, as if illuminated by the constant intense sun of its land, with its lively, hot and passionate features and its meticulously researched furnishings.

Refined design inspires relaxation and wellbeing, with lavishly laid tables, luxurious rooms, prestigious meeting rooms, indoor shops, large open spaces, a comfortable spa and a pool in contemporary tropical style, which is the central architectural heart of the entire complex.

The stylish pool area hosts the sleek and elegant Atlantico sunlounger.

With its sinuous and ergonomic shapes that are rounded and entirely free from sharp edges, Atlantico (design: Raffaello Galiotto) is a sunlounger designed around a slender load-bearing arched shape that characterises the entire fiberglass resin structure, complemented with a breathable and replaceable perforated synthetic fabric. The reclining back offers a choice of 4 different positions. Atlantico is stackable and provided with small wheels to facilitate easy movement.

Aesthetic appeal and comfort come together in Atlantico, chosen with a white frame and white and light blue fabrics, highlighting the natural colours of the water and the surrounding bright vegetation of this heavenly setting.

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Hotel Kristoff
Ave 8 Santa Rita entre calles 68 y 69, Maracaibo, Venezuela
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